Trip to WA October/November 2012

Hi Sean and Fiona.
just writing to give you some feedback on our trailer and tell you about our last trip to WA in October/November 2012.

We picked up our Mitchell off road trailer in September 2011 and had two weeks touring the Flinders Ranges to try everything out and then planned our trip to Western Australia.

We travelled from Central Victoria to Denham near Monkey Mia and then down through Perth to Margret River, Esperance then back across the Nullarbor to home taking just on 6 weeks and 12000K.

Everything worked perfectly, trailer towed well behind our Pathfinder and we set up tent at least 28 times over the six weeks. During the trip we had hot sunny weather, storms, heavy rain and plenty of dust with none causing any problems.

A number of other campers commented on how well the tent and trailer looked and were surprised how quickly we could set everything up for an overnight stay. See photo attached of camp set up for overnight stay at Fraser Range Station about 100k from Norseman.

Thanks for your customer service and you continuing support with some extra options being installed now.

Alistair and Karen
Central Victoria

Milnes FamliyHi Sean, Fiona.
I have to say we have one of the best camper trailers on the market at a price that makes other owners shake their head in disbelief.

We looked around for a very long time checking out all the manufacturers and comparing their prices with what they offered until we found Get Around Campers.

We were impressed with their basic product and ability to chop and change and add on whatever you want. I guess that’s the advantage of Sean and Fiona not only being the manufacturers but the designers as well.

We picked up our camper and the very next day set off for Fraser Island. When it came to load up the trailer we put everything we needed for us and our 2 boys into the trailer, including bikes and surfboards and were a bit shocked when we still had space.. Our first stop was Dubbo and we arrived in the dark. We had never set up the camper but still managed to have it up in about 10 minutes in the dark. The trailer towed beautifully regardless of whether we were on bitumen, corrugated roads or sandy beaches.

When we got back we sat down with Sean and Fiona and came up with a few upgrades. We plan on spending a lot of time in this camper and have decided to add a few more accessories. We tossed out our Coleman stove and had it replaced with the Smev cooker and gas line. While Sean was there he changed the kitchen to a slide out, added an electric system and electric water pump (amazing) and Led lights everywhere. Also a slide out pantry (happy wife) and then another slide out draw coming out the side of the trailer up the front. This opens into the tent part and is the perfect place for storing clothes.

We have copped all sorts of weather from 26 degree nights where we opened the ventilation and slept well to days of pouring rain and not a drop came in.

All in all I am very pleased with the camper and very impressed with the customer service from Sean and Fiona.

Michael and Vanessa Milnes.


Travelling across Australia – Melbourne to the Gulf

First Class Recommendation:
As the Director of the Burke & Wills 150th Anniversary Environmental Expedition for which the great Australian actor Jack Thompson is the patron, I recommend Get Around Campers as the perfect set up for country camping.

Having just driven across Australia through every different type of rugged landscape towing Get Around Campers trailers for thousands of miles I can testify how beautifully they work, how quick they are to set up, how easy they are to put in place and how convenient and efficient they are for camping, cooking, eating and sleeping.

After a long days drive through the hot, dusty desert it was a joy to stop by a river and erect the spacious Get Around Campers tent home within a few minutes complete with double bed on the upper deck, fold out kitchen, inbuilt fridge and ample interior storage for all the equipment and food we needed to carry. Our crew of environmentalists looked forward to the end of each day when they could quickly create their own familiar home away from home with all the mod cons and comforts which make outback life so much easier. By the end of our three months expedition none of us wanted to leave the luxury of these wonderful tent homes as we had become so fond of the Get Around Campers way of life.

Light, flexible, strong, totally water and dustproof these tents were both easy to set up and then fold away onto the tailor made trailers; and they kept out all the dust, rain, mosquitoes, and flies. We could not have retraced the epic expedition of Burke and Wills from Melbourne to the Gulf without the Get Around Campers – and if Burke and Wills had had such brilliant equipment in 1860 they could have survived.

Dr. Jonathan King
Leader, Burke & Wills Environmental Expedition.
38 Riverview Road, Avalon, NSW, 2107, Australia.

Murray Camper Trailer
Hi Sean!
We have returned from our first trip in the new camper and to say we are rapt is an understatement! Everything was so much easier than we had ever anticipated.
We took off to Tathra, NSW (about 7 hours drive) and did not really know what to expect as far as towing went but it was just so easy! Most of the time it felt as if the trailer wasn’t even there. It was very smooth and simple to tow and the electric brakes were definitely worth the investment.
The setup of the tent was straightforward. Everything worked perfectly and it was so easy to assemble and take down. We were amazed at how much room we had, both in the trailer to pack and in the tent once we were set up. Much more than we had expected, even with the kids’ gear! The receiver on the back for a bike rack was a terrific and worthwhile addition too. The bed was a true queen size (not a camping queen size!!!) and very comfy. We had several comments from fellow-campers about how impressive it all looked. We just couldn’t be happier!
Thank-you so much for your wonderful product! We are completely thrilled with our purchase and already planning several trips for 2011.

Good luck
Bern & Gus Anderson

G,day Sean,
Just a short note to say how happy we are with the camper trailer. We brought the trailer in November 09 and have done some fantastic trips, from Broken Hill to Frazer Island and to the high country of Victoria as well as quite a few weekend trips along the Murray River. The trailer is a pleasure to tow whether on the beach or in the bush I hardly knew it was there. The extras installed, the inverter, electric brakes, water tanks, stone guard & kitchen all work perfectly.
We love the queen size bed (a big step up from a blow up mattress in a tent) but the thing that impressed us the most is the actual tent with the twin skin roofing allowing the air to flow through and around the air space above our heads really did make the tent warmer when in the high country and cooler when at Frazer Island & Broken Hill.

Many thanks, from a couple of happy campers.
Darren & Merry

Hi Guys,
Just thought I’d get in touch with you about the fantastic camper we bought off you last year. It has been through a lot with us over the last 12 months. I’ve taken it into the high country of Victoria, the beaches, Hinterland and remote bush areas of South East Qld as well as through the Upper Murray and Snowy Mnt’s regions. Recently we lived in it every day for 6 weeks (Two adults and two teenage lads) whilst we moved to our new home on the Gold Coast. During all these times it has performed admirably and we have not had a problem with it. It’s kept us dry during extended torrential downpours, cool with ample ventilation during Qld heat as well as an excellent 12 volt and water system that makes (roughing it) quite comfortable. It’s simple to put up and we now have it down to 10 minutes from start to a tight annex. The camper tows very well and the brakes and suspension were fantastic in the bush as well as having to negotiate sudden traffic lights in the city. So until the next adventure.

Take Care,
The Greens, Shane Green

Hawksbury Camper TrailerHi Sean and Fiona,
Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the Hawksbury camper trailer we purchased this year. From dealing with you at the show at Sandown, where we found you so accommodating and customer friendly, through to picking up the trailer it felt like a business with a personal touch. We were impressed from the outset with the tropical roofed tent, and the ease of one person setup. In the heat of the show it was cool and in the camping we have done this winter it has kept us warm. We loved the fact that we could tailor the kitchen setup to exactly what we wanted. Coming from the automotive design industry, I am very impressed with the build quality and attention to detail that is apparent on the trailer. It has proved both dust-proof and water-proof in the trips that we have taken. The trailer is a dream to tow both on and off road.
Stepping up from camping the Queen Size mattress is so comfortable and spacious that we sleep both us and a 4 year old in comfort. To have so much room in the tent and annex that can be put up in such a short space of time is great. The space in the trailer and in the front box is sensational, allows all the comforts and kids toys and bike to be taken easily. When we get home from a trip we just want to go again, as its so easy having everything prepacked in the trailer ready and waiting to go!

Appreciative campers,
Alan, Meredith and Alex

The Davenne FamilyHi Sean,

We just came back from another short family trip.
We have been to Tolmie, in the Wombat ranges near Mansfield.
As you can see on the photo’s it’s in the middle of the bush, the way we like it.
Just want to let you know that we are very pleased with the camper trailer (Murray on road) it goes with us were ever the car goes.
Now we have set it up to our liking it is just a matter of hooking it up to the car and of we go.
The trailer is wel balanced behind the car, it looks great (closed and set up) and all the extras that come with it are a bonus.
This has been our third trip in a couple of months and we will be using it a lot more.

The Davenne Family

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